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Klebeadapter-Set 10-tlg.
– 2x PrismTabs S (small), 8mm Hexagon
– 2x PrismTabs M (medium), 10mm Hexagon
– 2x PrismTabs L (large), 13mm Hexagon
– 2x PrismTabs Viereck, 25x8mm
– 2x PrismTabs Rhomb, 25x15mm

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5 Bewertungen für PrismTabs Mix-Pack


    Nach drei tägigem Test muss ich sagen,dass ich mich in die Tabs verliebt habe. Unglaublich gute Zugkraft und schön, geschmeidiger hub. Danke Vlad, kannst jeweils 2 Packungen rausschicken!

  2. Aly Khan

    These are just sensational… another super arsenal to your glue pulling!! Thank you Vlad Mayer pure genius

  3. Sergey Dvarakouski

    New tabs. It’s very cool tabs

  4. Johnny Cullen

    Arriving home to a mountain of post, and this little packet of gems made my day. Thank you Vlad!! I can’t wait to play with them next week.
    Great shapes, super colour and super catchy logo. Happy Christmas

  5. Igor Koronić

    Was trying this tabs over a year ago before the last improvements and now I can say that this ones are on the top of my tabs list.
    Specially the crease tab in the video. Pulls like a mofo
    Vlad you did a great job on them

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