Der neue Carbon-Blendinghammer „Infinity“!

Dieser Hammer ist das Ergebnis von vielen Versuchen und Tests mit über 60 Profi-Technikern.

Zwei verschieden große und verschieden schwere Kugeln mit je zwei gegenüberliegenden 5/16″-Gewinden machen den Hammer sehr flexibel für verschiedenste Einsätze und Vorlieben.

Zusätzliche Information

Gewicht 1 kg
Größe 60 × 7 × 4 cm

30 x 390 x 25 (H1 x L x H2) mm




70x600x40 (H x L x B) mm, 400g

4 Bewertungen für Infinity

  1. Simon Noel

    The hammer is absolutely well balaced and the weight of head makes perfect effort/pressure impacts on metal, the surface of tip is amazing, when you stroke the metal with it it goes down and you dont make small holes on surface , very impressive hammer , for shure this blending hammer is at the top of my list ! Better than the platinium tips from druz, i still want to make test with the hammer on large size damage, i was wondering if it’s possible to make a plane surface on the side of the round heads to be able to use it as a small hammer for tapping on punch so that you dont have to switch hammer when you work with a punch …

  2. Johnny Cullen

    I have and I love it. I love using it! I found out by mistake, if you leave tip in the opposite end while blending side panels, it helps to take more control on the hammer, less movement. Maybe this is being used by guys already, but for me it was like a miracle move

  3. Joel Valois

    Hey all dent guys out there.
    I want to post this honest review on these amazing hammers from Vlad Myer at my opinion these double sided(different weighted ) are a nice innovation in the hammer space for PDR.
    I love working with them and I highly recommended these.
    Thank you Vlad Mayer

  4. Andrew Kinsey

    Vlads Hammer
    Im gonna start by saying the weight difference on each end is amazing. I like to hit harder so I use the lighter end but to have both weights is great like two hammers in one. For me the weight of the light end is perfect. Length and weight is about the same as I use now so its perfect. Great Job Vlad you nailed it. Out of all the hammers I definitely give this 5 STARS. Great Quality and Craftsmanship.

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